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Joining La Collina Country Club

La Collina Country Club is a private club reserved for a limited number of shareholders. However, becoming a member of La Collina Country Club is possible with the sponsorship of a shareholder!

When You Have A Shareholder Friend

Becoming a member through an annual subscription is possible by being sponsored by one of the Club's shareholders.

When You Don't Know a ShareHolder

People who have no connection with the current shareholders are invited to contact the Management, who will inform them about this.

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We believe everyone deserves to be fit and healthy, and we are committed to helping you achieve your dreams in our country club. Please fill out our inquiry form to receive information on how to join our Club.

Why you should join us

The place for friends and fun!

La Collina Country Club attracts people with similar values and interests: staying active, keeping fit, personal improvement, participation in sports and classes, and more.
Group Classes

Signing up for a group class is a great way to meet people who live in your town and make similar lifestyle choices. Chances are you have other things in common - education level, hobbies, kids, and family - that can form the basis of a solid friendship.

Certified Trainers

By joining our club, you have access to the right equipment and certified personal trainers who can help you choose the best exercise plan for your fitness goals.

Build Confidence and Improve Your Mood

Regular exercise does more than improve your physique. Breaking a sweat at a sports club or gym can help reduce anxiety, alleviate chronic depression, and boost self-confidence.