Wedding And Receptions

La Collina is a place for unforgettable events

Do you have a special event coming up?

In collaboration with Bouquet Garni Catering, La Collina organizes your ceremonies and weddings and welcomes your guests in all seasons—varied cuisine, oriental, western, or even exotic.

A Great Place for Your Wedding

In La Collina, you find the perfect setting for your wedding, baptism, ceremony, or any other event you may want to celebrate.

A Country Club Fit for Private Parties

La Collina also organizes, on request, private parties, large dinners, receptions, cocktails, and baptisms, offering menus to choose from prepared with finesse.

La Collina has everything for your wedding and reception!

Imagine your dream wedding, set against the stunning backdrop of pine trees and greenery, with the gentle breeze from the sea blowing in the background. Our expert catering team will work with you to create the perfect menu and décor to match your unique style, making your special day truly magical.

Please get in touch with Bouquet Garni Catering for further details.