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Download Our Activity Schedule

For your convenience, we’ve made our complete activity schedule available as a PDF. Feel free to view it online, download it to your device, or print it out. 

Click download the schedule for easy offline access. Last updated April 2024.

Use the table and filter below to explore La Collina Country Club's upcoming activities. For the most current schedule, download the PDF version while we update our online table.

To schedule a private swimming class, please call François Ghattas of Swim Fast Academy at the following number 70 505 077

To schedule an appointment with our dietitian, please call Mrs. Nada Slaibi at the following number 03 381 989

Scrabble is held every Thursday 10:30 to 13:30.

Bridge is held every Wednesday 10:30 to 13:30.

World Class Fitness and Leisure Center

La Collina Country Club is a prestigious Sports & Recreational Community Center with over 11,000 sq. meters of sports and leisure facilities situated in the hills of Rabiya in Lebanon.