Swim Fast Academy

Dive In, Swim Fast, Reach Beyond

Experience Premier Swimming Instruction at Swim Fast Academy

Welcome to Swim Fast Academy, your gateway to world-class swimming education at La Collina Country Club. Founded by François Ghattas, Swim Fast Academy is dedicated to fostering aquatic skills and a love for sports in students of all ages and skill levels.

Swimming Excellence

Join our academy and swim alongside professionals, amateurs, and friends. At Swim Fast Academy, we provide comprehensive swimming training, tailored to cater to all ages from 2 years and all proficiency levels. Here, you'll experience swimming in a whole new way - as a sport, a hobby, and a life skill.

A Nationally Revered Coach

With François Ghattas at the helm, our students are guided by a nationally renowned coach known for his expertise in mentoring swimmers to international competitions and clinching medals. The 'pros' of this sport meet here at Swim Fast Academy not just to swim but to be a part of a community that celebrates swimming, builds character, and strives for excellence.

Members and coach
A Unique Location at La Collina Country Club

Immerse yourself in the tranquil settings of the prestigious La Collina Country Club in Mtayleb. Our state-of-the-art swimming facilities, combined with the stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea, offer a unique swimming experience for everyone. Swim Fast Academy welcomes students from Rabieh and all corners of Lebanon, making it a thriving hub of swimming enthusiasts.